class Markov::TransitionMatrix(LinkType)


A TransitionMatrix is an object for storing and selecting transitions in a Markov::Chain.


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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : JSON::PullParser) #

Makes it possible to use #to_json and #from_json (see Crystal docs)

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def #

Creates a new empty TransitionMatrix.

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Instance Method Detail

def add(link : LinkType) #

Adds item to TransitionMatrix

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def probabilities : Hash(LinkType, Float32) #

Returns decimal probability of each transition in the matrix

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def probable_transition : LinkType #

Chooses a random, probable transition from the transitions in the matrix. If matrix is empty, will throw Markov::Exceptions::EmptyTransitionMatrixException

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def sum : Int32 #

Returns sum of all values (occurrences) in the matrix

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