class Markov::Chain(LinkType)


A Chain is a vehicle for generating probable sequences of type LinkType

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : JSON::PullParser) #

Makes it possible to use #to_json and #from_json (see Crystal docs)

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def : Markov::TransitionTable(LinkType), seed : LinkType? = nil) #

For larger processes, you'll want to externally train a TransitionTable then pass it in as an argument. If #seed is not provided, it will default to a random item chosen with TransitionTable#random_key

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def : Array(LinkType), seed : LinkType = (sample.sample(1)).first) #

If you have a small (Array-sized) data set, you can pass it as sample and a TransitionTable will be constructed for you with the sample data.

#seed should be the element in sample which you would like to begin the sequence. If no #seed is provided, a random element will be selected from sample.

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Instance Method Detail

def generate(count : Int32) #

Generates a probable, sequential Array of LinkType elements of count length

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def generated #

Returns an ordered Array(LinkType) of all LinkType elements generated

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def generated=(_generated : Array(LinkType)) #

def next : LinkType #

Generates the next probable LinkType element

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def on_dead_end(&block : Proc(Markov::TransitionTable(LinkType), Markov::Chain(LinkType), Exception, LinkType)) : Proc(Markov::TransitionTable(LinkType), Markov::Chain(LinkType), Exception, LinkType) #

Sets an exception handler for EmptyTransitionMatrixException when Chain instance reaches a dead end while using Chain#generate or Chain#next. Returned value is inserted as the next probable element.


c = Markov::Chain(String).new sample: ["Koala", "Kangaroo"] of String, seed: "Kangaroo"
c.on_dead_end do |transition_table, chain, exception|
end #=> "Koala" #=> "Kangaroo" #=> "Koala"

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def seed #

Returns #seed element.

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def seed=(_seed : LinkType) #

def to_json(json : JSON::Builder) #

def transition_table #

Returns the trained instance of TransitionTable

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def transition_table=(_transition_table : Markov::TransitionTable(LinkType)) #